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Saving Energy Costs With Clean HVAC Units

Clean HVACs, Spend Less Money

Improve energy efficiency by cleaning air ducts and HVACs to ensure smooth airflow and less effort.

Saving Energy Costs With Clean HVAC Units

Clean HVAC Units In Simi Valley

Keeping your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system dust-free and clean is important for maintaining functionality. The more dust, dirt, and rust you let build up inside an HVAC, the less efficient it becomes. On top of other problems, this means you end up paying much more for ventilation and climate control than you should. Here are three ways that keeping your system clear prevents inefficiency and keeps your bills from climbing.

  1. Clearing The Airflow
    Heating and cooling the air is part of the process. The other part is pushing the treated, filtered air in the direction it needs to go. The more stuff it has in its way, the harder the fans have to work to push the air through those obstructions. Dust, dirt, and rust building up in the vents produce some friction, but the worst comes when the filter screens fill up. These are already pressure points for the system trying to move the air, and when the openings in the screen fill with dust it becomes a barrier. The fan has to work harder and harder to keep the air flowing through all this, which means it needs more energy to move the same amount of air. HVAC cleaning removes these obstructions.
  2. Heat Retention And Expulsion
    Clogged or dirty ventilation doesn’t just make it hard to move the air through. It also interferes with the HVAC system’s ability to regulate its own temperature. The machine gets hotter as it works against the dust, and that heat has trouble leaving the HVAC unit due to that same air blockage. The machine then needs to work even harder to compensate for its heat output, drawing even more energy for cooling the air heated by the motor itself. Clean vents mean that the HVAC system can dispel its waste heat safely out of the building.
  3. Cleaning Dirty Ducts and HVACs
    If it’s been a really long time since your HVAC’s last cleaning session, dust might have started to flow back into the mechanism. In that case, you’ll have sediment building up on the fan, shaft, and motor parts, creating friction inside the machine itself. It’s best to never let things reach this stage. Obstructed HVAC fans and motor parts hurt efficiency much faster. Together, they can raise your AC/heater costs by nearly a third. With regular, professional cleaning sessions – especially when the seasons turn and your usage will likely increase – this is all avoidable.

HVAC Cleaning For Less Maintenance

On top of that, dust-filled HVACs ruin your air quality and cause wear and tear on the system that leads to premature breakdowns. Energy costs are the least of your concerns when you have a multi-thousand dollar piece of home infrastructure that needs replacement! A good cleaning session with well-equipped professionals once or twice a year saves a lot more than it costs when it comes to HVAC expenses. You can get your HVAC cleaned by Simi Valley professionals any day of the week, simply give us a call.

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